Compliant cross border travel

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compliant mobility™ is digital compliance for business travelers and expats

compliant mobility™ helps you to comply with rules and regulations digitally. You personally and automatedly manage every process. Thus you speed up procedures and save on external consultant fees.

compliant mobilityGmbH is a European legaltech company. We combine legal expertise with knowledge technology.

Your features

Planning and compliance of business trips and assignments

You plan business travel comprehensively. You assign employees and calculate costs. Checklists lead you to achieve individual compliance for every single trip. The necessary documents are created from within the application. Finally the line manager approves the process and employees are informed.

Reports and statements

You create a vast number of reports and documents on demand or at the end of the accounting period: reports for every trip, cost estimates, social security applications and employer authorizations.

Travel infos for employees via smartphone

Your employees receive detailed and instant travel and assignment information on their phones or via web: Time, place, contacts, tickets and reservation, visa, vaccinations as well as instructions. Employees digitally track their expenses.

Realtime knowledge on the well-being of your employees

Your employees report regularly using a very low-threshold service on their phones. You always have real-time information on their well-being. In case of an emergency you can instantly send out warnings and instructions.

Your benefits

You internally manage many Expat and compliance topics

Finally you have precise knowledge on business travel compliance. Compliant mobility™ gives you precise and specific information on what you need for every trip: Visa, work permits, assignment reports, A1 form.

You massively save on external consulting services

Since you now KNOW you don't have to buy knowledge anymore: no more expensive consultants and useless expertise. And your knowledge will be updated and kept compliant constantly by Compliant mobility experts.

You reduce effort and speed up processes

You will reduce internal workload for everyone involved in the process. But still everything will run faster and smoother. All information is gathered in the Compliant mobility™ application and is available at any time.

You massively reduce internal and external compliance risks

You can't execute thoroughly what you do not know precisely - while still risking high penalties. Such a situation will be part of the past: Compliant mobility™ tells you precisely what you need to do and will document every step. So you may focus on your business again.

Our founders

Wiebke Jonas

Benita von Kalm

Peter Koger

Arno Senoner